Volvo 360c
Electric, autonomous and connected.
The 360c envisions a variety of experiences based on your needs.
Imagine you have an early morning meeting in a neighbouring city.
Why not book a sleeper vehicle that will deliver you to your destination fully refreshed?
Space-awareness and standardised autonomous vehicle communication system make your journey safe
and and several mood settings help you relax or party, with all the creature comforts you need.
Audi PB18 e-tron
500/570 kW. 0-100km/h about 2s.
4.53m long, 2m wide and just 1.15m tall. Less than 1,550kg.
Hyundai Elevate Walking Car Concept
Robotic legs with five axis of freedom plus in-wheel propulsion,
gives it ability to climb a five foot vertical wall,
step over a five foot gap
and walk like a mammal or reptilian
in addition to traditional rolling.
Novus Electric Motorbike
Unique, light and rigid carbon fiber monocoque-frame.
Brushless hub motor with 14kW peak power and 200Nm of torque.
Top speed 60mph, range 60 miles.
Ultra-light monoblock calipers and 230mm brake discs.
Carbon fiber front
and rear suspension with adjustable dampers ensure precise response and comfortable ride.
LED front light is integrated into the stem,
taillight into the frame.
Your smartphone acts not only as a control and display instrument, but also as a digital key.
Long and comfortable seat with integrated start button.
DCA Optic - Augmented Reality Cycling Helmet
Front and rear cameras
360-degree proximity and collision detection.
The visor doubles as a heads-up display
where Optic live-streams the rear camera, displays useful information and highlights potential risks.
Lochness — Multi-shape Bike Lock
Lochness is the evolution of a “muscular” object into a cheerful, smart product without losing any security feature.
When riding, Lochness can be quickly fastened around the bike frame. You don’t have to lock it!
Tt will not mark or scratch your bike frame, thanks to the silicon rubber.
High protection level compared to other cable locks.
Urwahn Stadtfuchs
puristic & comfortable CrMo steel frame
11 gear hub & eccentric toothed belt drive
integrated LED light system with daytime running light
It is perfect for city driving,
having Park Assist,
Front Assist and City Emergency Braking
and Automatic Post-Collision Braking System.
long highway journeys
and the 4x4 version even for worse road conditions.
There are in 9 different length and roof height combinations
which can accommodate up to 6 euro pallets.
New TDI engines are economical, quiet and vibration free
making workplace comfortable
for extra smooth driving experience there is an ergoComfort seat
and optional 8-speed automatic gearbox.
Everyday life facilitate full or half-width steps
And different drive systems make sure there is optimum traction
Front-wheel drive
Rear-wheel drive
4MOTION all-wheel drive
Vision Van
Automated loading system
Drone-assisted delivery system
Drone by Matternet
Landing platform
LED displays on the front and rear
Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6
is a beautiful electric car
with gull-wing doors,
very long bonnet
and a round "boat tail".
The interior is like a luxurious lounge
and it has a typical sports car performance.