Metec CNC - Milling
Our production floor has 7 milling benches that can process components up to a size of 1500 x 700 x 500mm. The tool clip can be pre-loaded with up to 30 different cutting instruments.
While using different turntables, components can also be turned along an axis during processing, that is, they can be tilted.
Metec CNC - Turning
Our production floor includes 13 turning benches, allowing for the manufacture of components with a maximum diameter of 350mm and a length of 600mm.
The tool clip can be pre-loaded with up to 24 different cutting instruments, half of which also include either rotating or live instruments.
Half of our turning benches have dual spindles (incl. those with dual spindles and dual tool clips), which allows a component to be worked on from two different sides without removing it from the machine and without interrupting the operator.
Parts for high-voltage devices
Lift components
Parts for medical devices
Infrared camera parts
Electrical motor flanges
Electrical motor housings
Migatronic CoWelder
The smallest and smartest automated welding solution on the market.
It's a collaborative welding robot. It cooperates with a human in a shared workspace.
The CoWelder can assist your production setup, by welding simple workpieces, of both small and large scale.
Allowing you to produce more, while securing uniform and continuously high quality.
The CoWelder has no cameras, but relies on the user to set the welding path.
Either physically or with the control panel.
Store points in a sequence and then tell the robot, at what speed it should move between these.
This works for lines, angles and curves. You decide how the movement is going to be. The CoWelder is capable of 360 degrees movement, on all of its six axes.
The welding machine settings can be easily configured.
And routes and settings saved as a job. Up to 255 jobs can be stored, which means that one robot can potentially produce 255 different subjects.
After a professional welder has specified a job, an untrained worker can easily take over production. Freeing up time for the welder to do other tasks.
It is so easy to program that it also pays off to weld small batches.